Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Protein expression

ExPASy 2-D PAGE databases and services

References to known 2-D PAGE database servers, as well as to 2-D PAGE related servers and services.


GELBANK is a database of 2D gel images of proteomes for species with completed genomes. The user can search by sequence description or fragment, or by gel characteristics. Links are made between the sequence and gel when available.

GelScape and GelBank

GelScape is a platform-independent 1D and 2D gel analysis system that is freely available. Features include the ability to mark spots, to measure spot intensities and to archive gel images and annotations to the public database GelBank. Includes searchable access to GelBank's repository.


Integrated system for data analysis with information about expression and gene networks, also contains transcriptional regulatory regions database (TRRD).


JVirGel creates a virtual 2-D gel based on theoretical molecular weights and calculated isoelectric points from a set of input proteins or proteomes.

NCI Flicker

Flicker provides the means to compare images from different internet sources using a java-enabled web browser. It was originally designed for the comparison of 2D gels.


ProMoST (Protein Modification Screening Tool) is a program to calculate accurate MW and pI values from proteins considering the effects of post-translational modifications. Results are displayed as calculated values of pI and MW for each protein and are also plotted on two-dimensional (2D) gel images.


This is a 2D gel electrophoresis database containing data for proteins identified on SDS-PAGE or 2D-PAGE reference maps.

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